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supply of fish, live fishes and spiced (peppered) smoked catfish.....

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  • +2348136550333
  • Lagos

Vendor/Business/Brand Description

Alldots fish is a brand that caters for the daily human needs; in this case we are into the supply of fish, live fishes and spiced (peppered) smoked catfish. For our smoked fish we prepare them based on request, which could be: 1) plain i.e without any spice, it's just oven dried (smoked). 2) Salted, this is prepared by adding just little salt to the fishes before oven drying (smoked) 3) spiced (the most requested) this is a special kind of smoked catfish, it's peppered and seasoned to suit African dishes. You can't do but love every taste of it. We also sell live catfishes in bulk and units based on requests Our fishes are feed with the right feds that lock in nutrients in the fishes, you will definitely get VALUE for every money spent. We will work with your budget and we deliver to your door steps.

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