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Business Promotion

At VFFP, we offer you Three (3) main ways in which you can promote your business, service, trade and/or events via our platform. Below are the list of options available to you, feel free to select the most suiting.

Business Exhibition

Give your business, product(s) and/or service(s) the recognition and publicity it deserves, during any of our events and/or Trade fairs organized both home and abroad. Some of these events may be organized solely by the VFFP or in collaboration with third party entities with similar goals and/or missions and objectives that closely align with ours. These exhibitions are primarily geared towards promoting business of vendors, traders, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurs and/or local producers/manufacturers. Although different events may carry varying themes.

Business Upload

Uploading your business ex: Events, Products and/or services on our website, is a much cheaper option to gain online presence and recognition in a populated and well visited platform, which in turn creates awareness for your brand and allows people to reserve your products, services and /or register for your events. All monetary transactions if any, may be concluded outside our platform, that way all your proceeds goes to you with no additional charges and/or service deductions. You are only required to register monthly with a small fee N500/MONTH to keep your business live on our platform. Visible and accessible to our numerous visitors (your potential clients). Once your service(s), event(s) and/or product(s) are reserved, you will be immediately notified, via email that someone either reserved a product and/or service or registered for your event. Clients also have the option of calling.

Advert Placement

Are you looking for the best platform to advertise your business,  product and/or services, with the right amount of traffic and visits needed to give your brand the needed recognition and patronage, it truly deserves? Then look no further, VFFP should be your go to choice for advert placement, as our platform is home to buyers, sellers, investors etc.. VFFP is the home base for all things business. Thus you are sure of increasing your chances for patronage by advertising on our platform as frequently as possible, at a descent and affordable rate. We welcome both video and image adverts.

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