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Vechi Farm and Food Plus (VFFP), is a highly interactive and responsive website (online hub) wherein producers, financial institutions, exporters, investors, manufacturers, sellers, buyers, etc can meet, discuss and transact freely. The goal is to make buying and selling of farm produce, food stuffs and more, fun, interactive, feasible, easy and stress free. We were birthed from our still existing Whatsapp group, with same title.


VFFP has also made conscious efforts to assist small business owner, start-ups, who are producers, sellers and/or manufacturers, by partnering with entities/bodies who can assist the aforementioned categories of persons, industries and/or institutions in the following areas: product promotion, brand presentation, branding and design, business publication and advertisement, product distribution etc.


Although we allow free discussions and transactions on our platform at the users will, discernment, and/or discretion, it is strongly prohibited to deal in illegal substances. Disrespect to other participants is greatly frowned upon by the management. Also swaying into matters or posting and/or sharing materials outside the intended purpose of any forum, will be met with penalties after an initial warning. Such as the termination or blocking of your account with us. 

In 1991, a dream was made real to encourage Young Children, teenage youths and women . The dream sought then to birth creativity, education and entertainment as a means of reaching out to the family unit which moulds character and purpose. In Africa, especially Nigeria with its reach Agro Economy began to interest us. The busy nature of young executives especially women whose schedules were all embracing propped up often .


How are these young executives, single, married, male and female able to cope with shopping challenges with the most unfriendly traffic situation? Vechi Group thought of committing to changing the world  and lifestyle as part of her mission. Every Young Entrepreneur was a target for a holistic delivery  

To connect to all existing Social contact, Business contact, Yellow pages Contact to form the ideal forum for any entrepreneur seeking information, help, ideas or feedback. ... Startup and also be a one stop shopping hub for people. It's a global local market showcasing .. Different types of small business to bigger ideas where owners team up to support other players. Women and SME driven men are our focus and we have carefully involved those financial institutions, philanthropists and lenders to Support women Entrepreneurs to Access  funds. Ideas are born not to die. Efforts must be encouraged, enthusiasm must be greased. Stronger, more experienced business men and women and line managers are here through the synergy of the staff and Management of VECHI GROUP.

A purely indigenous African concern of Nigerian decent. We are proud to showcase the unique of our home grown foods , fabrics and other businesses. The project is our way of ensuring we enshrine our African culinary healthy styles riding the society of the menace of cancer through bad health habits.

We are committed and determined to provide a veritable platform where sellers and buyers can meet. We are certain to engage the membership of all who want to reach their target audience through this platform.

Delivering Freshness Every Day at a Time

Freshness and on time delivery is the message we preach. From farm or production to retailing,  we ensure that  we are firstly dealing with pure organics or the healthiest quality of products accompanied by a high standard service with excellent customer support.

On the subject of delivery, we stand out, as our platform has made conscious effort to make divers delivery options available to the public, besides that which is offered by us, through the engagement of credible third party agents. Some of the delivery options currently provided are innovative and unique in its application.

We Take Sustainability Seriously

We have a strong concern and focus towards the subject of sustainability and development. Vechi is pro organic and pro green. Vechi is fully informed of the needed innovative transitioning from the old ways of doing business in to the new and current global standards for effectiveness and proper management. Hence our online business platform.

We have thus created a one stop user friendly and easy to access website that allows traders to not only find features that makes their job feasible and allows for increased productivity, but also we have a platform that sparks new ideas for more innovation in the business sector, as it allows persons and/or organization to easily communicate and transact in an efficient and durable fashion.

Supporting Local Products

At VFFP we have not only gathered together a variety of Traders and/or Vendors who actually produce goods and/or render services locally. We have also on our platform made diverse provisions to aid in the success of their respective engagements  or trade, be it service and/or products.

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